Why should I replace my wood block pipe supports?

Wood block pipe supports have a long history of use in the roofing industry. They were the obvious solution until recently because they are inexpensive, easily accessible and have a high load tolerance.

wood blocking for pipe supports

However, these days there is no reason to continue to use wood blocks as rooftop pipe supports. The fact is that wood blocks break down and deteriorate under the environmental stresses – moisture, UV and temperature changes – that are inevitable when using wood in this location. These are all issues which can cause pipe collapses and roof damage.

Wood blocks also shift and move with the expansion and contraction of the materials placed on them. This can lead to tears in roof membranes or rot in the substrate material.

Modern materials can be used to replace wood. These materials are more durable, UV stable and able to handle the worst nature can throw at them. Rooftop equipment supports are now made of modern plastics including polycarbonates or environment-friendly recycled rubber. These materials last longer than wood without being significantly more expensive.

rooftop pipe supports

The best pipe support materials vary according to weather conditions and the materials of the underlying roof. If you live in a hurricane zone, for example, that will need to be taken into consideration. Modern pipe supports are also adjustable to fit a wide range of pipe materials and dimensions. Pipe supports should be part of an entire roof system that is integrated, code compliant and designed to fit its environment.

pipe supports

If you have wood blocks for your rooftop pipe supports then it is time to replace them with modern, durable materials. A knowledgeable expert here at Protech Products can help you select the right support materials for your application.

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