Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Supports Now Available

Protech Products is happy to announce the newest addition to our extensive product line, the Eterno adjustable paver supports with self leveling technology from MRP Supports, a division of Marathon Products. Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Supports are the ultimate solution to underlying issues of pavers and levels uneven surfaces easily with their Three-In-One Head that automatically compensates any gradient up to 5% which reduces the necessity to shim pavers and creates a perfectly flat surface.

Eterno pedestals are designed to support concrete and porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, light tiles and wood decking. The paver supports are set on any waterproofing membrane or any other surface to be paved. After an initial adjustment, the leveling of the pedestal is completed with extreme precision by using the unique adjustment key after all pavers have been placed. Each pedestal is supplied with a base, threaded screw and head. The self-leveling head, which automatically adjusts, is supplied with a bi-component soft rubber material that offers anti-noise and anti-slip protection. A wood joist head is available for any wood joist application.

Supports are 100% recyclable (LEED approved), resist temperatures from -22°F to +248°F (-30°C to +120°C), resistant to acid and UV stable. Load capacity of each support is more than 2,205 lbs. and the supporting base is 49.6sq inches (320 cm²).

Adjustable key for Eterno Paver SupportsBenefits of Adjustable Pedestal Supports:

  • Excellent for hiding pipes and equipment – The void between the paving and membrane can be used to accommodate pipes and services, but retain ease of access.
  • Better Thermal Insulation – The void between the paving and membrane encourages constant air circulation, extending the life of the waterproofing, improving heat insulation and protecting the surface from UV degradation.
  • Quick Water Drainage – The small gap between one slab and another allows water to discharge onto the laying surface and facilitate rapid drainage.
  • Always a Flat Paving & Easily Accessible – With the pedestal system, you can easily compensate for slight unevenness, irregularities and any gradients on the laying surface, creating a perfectly stable and flat paved surface. The pedestal design allows for the underlying surface and any installed services to be accessed and maintained without damaging the paving.
  • Excellent Absorption of Structural Movements – Being independent, the paving and supports can absorb expansion and structural movements.
  • Significantly Less Weight – With no requirement for special surface preparation the floating system provides a light weight solution, allowing structures to be built at a substantially lower cost.

How Do I Calculate My Layout?

The Number of Pavers x 1.33 = Approximate Number of Supports Needed. Part of our commitment to customer service is making sure you can accurately bid your project. If you would like us to do it for you, we’ll need a drawing (.pdf or.cad file or a hand drawing). Download this form, complete and send it along with your drawing to We will provide you with not only the cost, number of and type of paving supports needed, but also the total area size, number of full and cut tiles and much more!

Eterno Adjustable Paver Supports

We’re also here to answer any questions you may have on the newest members of our family of products – Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Supports. Give us a call at 800-334-9815 to discuss your project and needs.

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