Get Yourself a Downspout Nozzle and Help Keep Excess Rainwater Away From Your Building Exterior

I received a telephone call from a customer asking if we sold Cow or Sheep Tongues.  He didn’t see them on (our roof drain website) and thought he would call just to be sure we didn’t sell them.  He was a large commercial property owner and some of his buildings had missing Lamb’s Tongues that needed to be replaced. This customer described to me the function of the Cow’s Tongue and how the main purpose of it was to keep draining rainwater away from the exterior of the building wall. At this point I realized he was using a slang term for a Downspout Nozzle.  It seems what I knew as a Downspout Nozzle was also known as a Cow’s Tongue or a Lamb’s Tongue.

downspout nozzles are known as lambs tongue

Photo by Klucking Images

Downspout Nozzle = Lamb’s Tongue

So, exactly how does a lamb’s tongue bring any benefit to you? Well, while it may not keep you warm in the winter, it will keep your wall from becoming discolored from the rain runoff. It will also add some curb appeal to the property and look much better than a piece of pipe sticking out from the wall.  Take a look around when going through your daily routine; you’ll see Downspout Nozzles all over the place.  Just today I saw three on my local Target store.  One of our employees even saw a few on the Hoover Dam while visiting Nevada this summer!

downspout nozzles in action at the Hoover Dam

Cow’s Tongues are sold by many roof drain manufacturers.  Josam, Jay R. Smith, Wade & Zurn are the four most common United States manufacturers.  Downspout Nozzles come in standard pipe sizes from 2” all the way up to 12”, with varying outlet types and finishes. Standard nozzles come in a rough bronze finish , but you can get polished bronze, nickel bronze or even a chrome plated finish. To further protect your plumbing and building exterior you can get a stainless steel bird screen to keep unwanted pests from clogging up your pipes.

downspout nozzle is known as cows tongue

While they may not seem important, a downspout nozzle can add value to your property and save you headaches down the road. If you are in the market for a Cow’s Tongue, Protech Products has a large variety at great prices with same day shipping on most items.

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